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    So yesterday I finally had a chance to go back to CJ BMX (Howell as I always called it) to see some BMX racing and to introduce my son Nick to the sport in person. Now I know that the sport has changed and I haven’t been to “Howell” in about twenty something years so I went in open minded. I was a little surprised by the turnout. It was a lot smaller then any race I could remember from BITD but, I really liked the track sans the paved turns. That track would have been kick ass BITD! I noticed that alot of riders if not all the younger guys were clipped in. Not much close racing at all. The question I had was what’s with these open motos? Noone was racing just riding around after doing the gate. Are they practice or something? Also a thanks to Jeff Heath for coming over and saying hi to Nick and me and filling me in about the scene a little. Maybe next year BMX will see the return of me plus 1…..if I don’t buy a motorcycle roadracing track bike that is….. Intense

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