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    No, not a problem with the pictures, they’re great.
    The problem lies with the # of riders racing with their jerseys untucked. It presents a serious danger, one I witnessed first hand at Mullica Hill (RIP), and at several other races.
    The worst crash was at Mullica Hill when a fairly experienced rider going full speed over a small double lost control. His jersey, untucked, hooked on his seat as he was going down, entangling him in the bike. The momentum he had carried him and his bike in one heap tumbling head long into the next jump. He crashed so hard that his helmet shattered, he had several cuts that required stitches, and multiple other injuries. Once healed he attempted to come back to racing, but could never shake the fear, and quit a short time later. Had his jersey not become snared on the seat it is possible that he could have rolled clear or at least not had an extra 20 lbs smash against him as he tumbled down the track.

    NBL rules require jerseys to be tucked in, sleeves and pants legs to be rolled down, and helmets to be securely fastened.

    Let’s be safe out there! Make sure your tucked, rolled and fastened!


    I for one am one one of those guys who rides untucked. but i will be tucking mine in from now on.


    Thanks. That’s all it takes is one rider telling another, and so on. I never want to witness a crash like Kyle’s again.


    I never new it was in the rule book 😯 😯
    I will start telling them during bike inspection


    We all forget to mention it.


    ok here goes i really really hate to tuck in my jersey i think the rule is silly.no disrespect to any one in all seriosnes i think its safer untucked.if my jersey is tucked and somenes grip gets caught in it dont think i can just pull away scott free . i think it would easier to aviod a reckwithout it tucked in
    ok 1 more thing why arnt pads elbow knees and even gloves mandatory.all they say is pants and long sleeves thats retarted,are these longsleves some special material that i dont know about please fill me in.i would feel much safer with some burly elboy forearm combo. agian this is not abash on any one just my little peace of feelings.
    ps how the heck do you young kids ride with no gloves i dont care how cool you look your out of your minds meatypaws hurt to damn much.


    < wishes he had been wearing knee pads instead of motorcycle racing pants during his 2 crashes at CJ.


    gloves//// what a no brainer??

    when the new parents sign these poor little 5 yr olds up maybe the person taking the paperwork can “HIGHLY SUGGEST” they get gloves for the little guy/gal. i dont know how many times i see a parent carrying the little one off the track not to return to the next moto casue their hands are all scraped up.

    wake up mom and dad!!

    also the bike inspection person can also “HIGHLY SUGGEST” gloves.. i see these kids riding around on these high end 12 lb mini bikes( we all did it) so i know its not the cost of the gloves thats keeping them from wearing them. our td always announces it during the little guys races to remind parents that the hands go down first, mom and dad.

    if it is the cost how bout encouraging folks to donate the outgrown gloves to the track and just keep them there in a box. you would be suprised if yu hand a kid a pair he will 9 times out of 10 take them say thanks and be off racing again.

    just my 2 cents


    we must go back to riders meetings before races.
    i’m sure Dale will be cool enough to talk to everyone about proper gear and the basic rules to everyone. That’s one thing that I never really say anything about but back in the old days, before every race, the T.O. would have a meeting with all the riders to explain the basic law for the day. Or did some parent bring a lawsuit on njbmx or the nbl because they weren’t explained of “one” rule that might have been left out?


    very good idea ,a riders meeting before each race would be great . the parents could attend this also .


    i’ve worn gloves my entire bmx career– that’s why my hands are so silky smooth, just ask your girlfriends.. oops, just kidding



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