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    Chris I know you watch this site so when you read this Id like to say the track was in the worst shape ive ever seen last week. And by some miracle You managed to make a smooth fast outdoor track in the middle of winter pretty damn nice. The girls in the office were awsome they could have walked, but they stuck it out and got the job done!!!! EHT IS ON ITS WAY BACK !!!!!!![/b]


    cjris and the ladies did super…


    it’s Vliet….. —
    Word on the vine is everyone had a great time. 😀


    No words of heavy duty crashes, an ER’s, guess the track was okay all allong


    The track was great, you can’t beleive everything you hear about wrecks and crashes and 20 people getting hurt and ending up in the ER. I told you guys three weeks ago when all that stuff broke out on this site about people getting hurt is BS. Those guys built that track with every skill level in mind. You can ride over everything and with no problems or if you have the BAWLS then you can jump it. Its a great track and from what i hear they decided about two months ago that they will make some changes to the remainder of the track but will wait for warmer days for that to happen. I would guess they would do some tweeking before the national but going back to the track it was in tip top shape in my opinion. Most importantly it looks like everyone loved it and had a good time!


    You knew all the crap about the crashes was garbage, otherwise I’m sure the town would have stepped in


    Just becuase there was alot of wrecks when the track was first rebuilt doesnt mean that it was intirely the tracks fualt. Most if not almost all of the wrecks I would blame on not beeing able to handle what they were going for. Also the talk when the first 2 straights were done that when it warms up. construction will start on the last 2 straights. The only complaint I had was the 3rd straight seemed slow. Im sure they already have somthing in mind for it so we will see.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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