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    What is the best charity out there where the most amount of every dollar sent in goes to those the charity supports.
    Blast me below.


    I know that St. Judes Childrens Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House are Amazing charities for Children.
    I don’t know what the percentage of funds raised goes to the charity but I’m sure that it is a large amount.


    make a wish foundation…

    top knotch!! they do what they say and they say what they do…

    we knew someone personally who had a wish granted and these folks are true heros!!


    There are so many charities out there that help in so many ways it is very hard to narrow it down…..

    But I’d have to vote for St. Jude’s and The Shriner’s, with Ronald McDonald House rounding out the Top 3….


    those are good ones,.. but the larger ones are usually the ones that have the most bureaucracy involved with them,.. Check with your local charities,. homeless shelters,.. soup kitchens, churches, etc.. you can help alot more in your local community that way,..

    or bring some toys to a cancer ward for kids ,..
    or the toys for tot’s campaign,.. or some other local equivalent.

    think about what type of help you would like to be,.. and let your heart guide you from there. As long as you follow that,.. you can’t go wrong!

    My family is involved with trying to feed those in need,..
    Merry Christmas!!


    PJ is probably right, this way you know the money is getting there


    Ocean of Love based out of Toms River is an excellent organization. They help children and families that are stricken with cancer on a local level. Money raised in this area goes directly back to this area. We personally were involved with them when a young family member was taken with cancer a few years ago.


    Ok, I think we’ll go with St Judes because 2 people sort of said they were pretty good. I would do somethink like the toy thing but since what is coming out of the plates will be dollars we can only give dollars.
    Lisa has given me a good idea for something else though and I think next year I will go full steam ahead making product and selling it for a change with 50% going to Ocean of Love in TR and the rest pumping bs.net up.

    So….I think it’s St Judes? Cool?


    Ocean of Love spends 4% on administrative stuff and 96% goes to families in this area. It is amazing what they have done for some many familes of children with cancer.


    I gave $ to NJbmx, does that count as a charity????? 🙄

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