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    Okay, gonna go waaaaay off BMX here for a minute.

    I had to miss the first State race May 5th which also meant missing my team’s first team trophy. Many would ask what could keep me away? Mainly it was family.

    What made Saturday a needed day with my family was partly due to the three days I spent away from them before that in NYC. Those three days were spent attaining what is the highest, legitimate, recognized certification currently available in the mortgage industry.

    As of 5pm Friday I earned my CMPS (see topic title and http://www.CMPSinstitute.org). I am now one of about 3000 in the entire country. What’s cool, in a class of 225 that saw only 176 pass (needed 80% or higher), is I scored 99% (highest ranking in the class).

    The main reason I put this out there is I want to help as many families in BMX (and out) plan better for the future. All the parents on here love watching there kids enjoy BMX – and I want to make sure that their future is just has fun.

    In a nutshell, as a certified mortgage planner, I help families integrate the mortgage into their overall financial plan in order to provide better liquidity, safety and overall stability. I love what I do and get very excited about helping people fund their 529s, insurance & retirement plans, and buy homes and/or investments. I am not a financial or insurance advisor but work in concert with your team, or help you locate an experienced professional if needed.

    All inquires are STRICTLY confidential. I have already helped several in the BMX community and look forward to helping more.

    Email craig.wilson@starwinmortgage.com for more info. I lend in all 50 states.

    Craig Wilson / Starwin Mortgage Services is a sponsor of the Hyper Pro Am series.


    yea, well…
    the only reason you got a 99% was all them years of BMXin’ teachin ya how to push a little harder than everyone else. —

    THAT’s todays lesson kids.


    Way to go Craig!!!!! 😀

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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