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    Okay y’all, I’ve been pulling in quotes and getting info on a bus or buses to take Team NJ to the Presidents Cup and the Christmas Classic from the 26th through the 29th of December.

    There are going to be a few variables that will determine the ultimate cost per person:

    pick up location: I am thinking somewhere in Central Jersey, maybe at CJ BMX? (okay, so that is sort of south)

    date of departure: Someone needs to tell me if there is practice on the 26th, when does it start, and is it everyone’s intention to be there for that. We may want to consider leaving late on the 25th.

    total counts: if we need more than one bus, can we fill two up? We pay by the bus, so the total cost is divided by head count to get the per person rate.

    comp rooms for the driver(s): In addition to the cost of the buses, its our responsibility to get a separate room for each driver (if more than one bus). I have been told that if we book our rooms as a block of 10, maybe 20, we then can ask for a comp room for the driver. This will save us money.

    In one scenario, if we fill a bus with 55 people, but chose to leave on the 25th (5 days), the cost would be about $120 per person. This assumes getting a comp room for the driver. This is not in stone folks. I am speaking with 5 different charter companies, and we can negotiate a little.

    Amazingly, the company that was referred to us by some folks in NY is being very competitive, and they are located in Albany, NY. They have experience with this trip and are doing it again this year with the NY Group that referred them. They have to include the cost of driving from Albany to us first, but yet they are right in the mix. I also like talking to them the best, they are a family run biz. We’ll see.

    After this Saturday we wil start getting an idea of who can commit to this and then make the decision whether or not to go forward.

    Any and all good feedback is welcome. If anyone here has a connection with a charter bus company and think I should call them, just send me a PM.


    hey craig its lee, i heard that the bikes will be boxed for travel .. is that the plan ? also ….. 120 is the Maybe “total” for everthing but food correct?


    Not sure how it will work with the bikes, I have gotten conflicting feedback on that one.

    Yes, $120 would be the round trip fare not including your food but does not include your hotel room. Hopefully there will be a lot of sharing to keep those costs down too.


    Update on the buses:

    Lisa Heath said one of our racer’s moms has her CDL and has experience with charters, etc. She may also know where we could rent a bus for her to drive. This could present some good cost savings for us.

    At this stage its only preliminary and presents another option to explore. I hope to know more before the meeting on the 9th.


    the bus idea is great, but i think its getting late. also i was wondering who is looking to share a room there? i’m considering the trip if i can save a little cash. anyone interested please see me at the track. (cjbmx) 🙂


    Its not too late for buses, but the question I have not gotten answered is how to reach out to the NJ BMX community to see who really wants to make this work. The hard part is determining how much interest there is to make sure we get at least 50 folks on the bus.


    Craig, you guys are gonna end up going on the same bus you took to school, the SHORT YELLOW ONE !!!!!!! LOL


    I will send an email this week to everyone in NJ BMX I have an email address for.
    If the response is less than 50, we’ll let the bus thing go this year.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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