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    Hey Everyone,

    I raced from 1987 when I raced 3 times as a beginner, 3NJ as a 15 Novice, and 9NJ as a 16 expert, raced mostly at Flemington with Dan M. (75M). Raced the national schedule in 1991 (91 Grands in Louisville). I have a ton of old VHS videos from the old Flemington, EHT state Qualifiers, etc.

    It’s great to see some of the old schoolers still at it (Caveman, Lynch-mob, & Mr. McMurry) Dan told me about his digger on the Caveman’s DK Cruiser at the Fall Classic (I almost fell over from laughing……sorry Dan!) Saw the evidence on NJBMXPHOTO.com site.

    Raced with Dan M. on the S&B team run by “Big Steve” Bobrovich out of Staten Island.

    Still have my old 20″ Black XLX Cyclecraft with the “pitch-fork” in my lawn shed.

    It has profile cranks, Araya rims with Bullseye hubs, S&M Slam bars, DK XL stem, Shimano DX platform pedals (All Old School).

    Thinking about making a comeback on Cruiser for a few races in 07 We will see….. 😆


    Hey Bud Lake! We live in Andover. It’s great to hear that someone lives close, were practically neighbors!

    That’s it just wanted to say hi 🙂


    Frankford, Culvers Lake here!


    I remember one day at Flemington at the fall classic hanging with you in between motos. We were talking and all of a sudden you said nonchalantly, “Did they just call the 50/50?” I said yeah I think so. “What was that number again?”, you said, not expecting much. I said the number. Then you said, “Holy @#!#$! I just won 200 bucks!!!”

    I don’t know why, that memory just sticks in my head. That was so funny. Some day I’ll have luck like that. Some day.

    Good to hear from ya.


    I think he won a cruiser too back in the day at HCBMX track 1.0 off a 50/50 ticket.



    I don’t remember the 200 bucks……….. but I do remember the chrome Boss cruiser Frame and Fork, I built it up and raced cruiser class for a few seasons with Lynch, Shepley, the Sherman Tank, Keith Tokash, etc. I should have never parted with that cruiser, I sold it sans 180mm profile cranks which is swapped onto my 20″ to get rid of the 175mm cranks. (Ah! those were the days….4130 and no euro BB’s, Crupi and Trog pedal cages that would turn your shins into minced meat if you slipped a pedal bad enough……)

    I still remember the cavemans multi-color neon bike, what kinda frame was that anyway??



    wanna part with that cyclecraft????


    whats up Glennon you keep in touch with anybody from the old days like the godfreys, tokash etc etc


    I think I’m going to hold on to the cyclecraft for now. They’re a little hard to come by now…..Besides, I might get the itch to race it again sometime….maybe the 07 Fall Classic Old School race or something.


    I don’t no the where abouts’ of the Godfreys or Tokash. Dan 75M actually lives a lot closer to where the Godfreys live or used to live. I do remember riding there back yard trails with a bunch of people after a flemington race one time….lots of fun!

    One guy I know used to race back in the mid-late 80’s John Nicholson, from Lake Hopatcong/Landing area now owns a bike shop called Cycleworks on Route 206 in Stanhope, NJ he’s mostly into mountain biking and road racing now though…

    Another family I used to talk to from the same area was the Carpenters….Mr. Carpenter used to race against Bob Warnike in the Geritol 40 and over cruiser class on a regular basis….


    I see John every once in a while


    We used to race back then. I used to race against Lynch, Sherman (still have one of his stickers on an old ecko helmet), Kelmecki, Gokey and the rest of the crew. I always came up from Delaware and raced for Wooden Wheels.

    Jesse Guilbault

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