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    Take a much deserved rest man you deserve it… Bmx is known to burn people out from time to time.I can relate….

    Quote:From the front page.


    I’m tired. These past 3 years have been non-stop trying to make positive change in BMX in NJ with alot of emphasis on racing.

    I realized what I have been sacrificing on Saturday when someone said at the NJBMX State Meeting, “I guess we can thank Brett’s girlfriend for that”. (by the way, the comment was made as a compliment to her.)

    Yes. The website is down again. (back up again, welcome to the rollercoaster of my life..actually our lives, lol!) I don’t know why, and right now I don’t care. I need some time away from the lunacy that is BMX racing in NJ. Thanks to everyone who has helped me all this time but I need to restore some balance in my life.


    PS: Be sure to check Scotty and the front flip whip on the Dew Tour this week.


    Just taking a breather, no quitting, just cutting down on BMX coverage every weekend.
    Plus I have BMX coverage to catch up on, like the szine and the pro-am.

    And I’ve decided to put my actions where my mouth is and finally boycott something.

    So there. pfffffffffffffffffft, lol.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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