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    Brandon’s parents sent me this earlier in the month. He is moving up in class this weekend at Woodward. In honor of that achievement I figured I’d post this story along with a couple of the pictures they sent.
    Congratulations Brandon, Progression is a good thing!

    Hi Liberty Team

    When we got word about being on the team we were in Kentucky preparing for the Grand National. Getting the email was perfect timing, I was actually looking at map quest to return home before the Grand National even started. Our emotions were like a roller coaster ride.

    Our adventure for the 2006 NBL Grand National started with Hyper clinic a few days before the actual Race. Brandon was cruising around the track for the third time to find the optimum way to run it for the race when Brandon collided into a rider that had fallen off the table top on the second straight.

    Brandon landed himself in the emergency room for x-rays. It was determined Brandon’s wrist was not broken but severely sprained and required a splint. Brandon’s feeling was crushed and hopes were diminishing until I gave him some good news that he made the Liberty Racing team.

    Brandon emotion was energized. Brandon was determined to race and not let himself or the Liberty’s Team down. Brandon did not practice for nearly two days. Brandon got the last half hour of track practice which did not look promising.

    We were fortunate that his wrist was not broken and had asked Brandon if he would like to go home or watch the race and he asked if could go over to the Pro Gate tent and practice his gate starts and would not hear of giving up.

    Well, the rest is history. With pain, Brandon competed on Saturday morning and placed seconds on his motos and qualified him to go to the Semi’s on Sunday which turned out he was in a full gate with the top 5 riders in point standing.

    The Gate Dropped and Brandon pulled off another second place which puts him in the Main event. Brandon’s confidence was high but with Murphy’s Law Brandon was on the gate for the main event and just before the gate dropped someone was standing in front of the gate lights and threw Brandon’s timing off. Brandon got a respectable 3rd Place and ranked 8th.

    Brandon is very proud and honored that he was accepted on to the Liberty’s Racing Team. He is looking forward in meeting everyone eventually and supporting the team. Brandon is eager in wearing the Liberty’s uniform for the N.E. Regional.

    P.S. When we got home, it was determined that his growth plate in wrist was broken!!!


    Congratulations bro, it’s a proud moment when you move up a class, win or lose.


    Congradulations on Joining Liberty BMX Racing…

    Glad I could get you guys on the team.


    I remember seeing him there with the SX jersey on.



    Brandon is a good kid and awesome racer. He is what this sport needs.


    congratulations brandon… and goodluck at woodward. looks like you have a great start for the 07 season…

    hey i wonder if that was danny he ran into…. boy that tabletop crash sounds aweful familiar….lol ( 1 week to go till cast off time)

    let us know how you make out!


    Great job Brandon !!! Now there ‘s a kid that’s going in the right direction !!!!! most of the time ( Pottstown) 😆 😆 😆

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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