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    I am not sure how many people know who he was, but for about 10 years from the mid-80’s till he passed away in 1994, he was one of the most active and instrumental advocates for BMX in the country.
    And Bob was from N. Plainfield, NJ.
    There are BMX racers in the US Bicycling Hall of Fame because of Bob, he actively pursued them for years and even had my freestyle team come out 2 years in a row to show them that BMX was a legitmate cycling sport.
    ESPN, showcased The Road To Glory series bringing racing to millions of people during his time.
    Finally, he was the vice president of the nbl before his untimely passing.
    All that, from a guy from NJ…
    Oh and I should mention…Bob was a racer, so anyone who says, “well, what does a rider know about BMX?”
    Apparently, a hell of a lot.
    If there is anyone else out there who knew Bob, I would appreciate ancedotes below.
    Bob’s memory, though well served by the scholarship fund, should also be used to give it our all to push BMX into the minds of every person we see.


    I don’t recall ever crashing into his RV ( 😯 ) but am glad to say I knew Bob BITD.

    He truly was the ultimate BMX advocate. My memory of him was anytime I showed up at an NBL race in Jersey in the late 80’s, he had a full race uniform on and ready to go, all the while helping put on the race that day.


    Bob, always had a smile and an easy going way about him. He was one of the people in BMX you could talk to and you knew HE WAS listening. Unfortunately the last time I spoke to him it was about something that I recieved a suspension for, and yes it was my fault. That being said, he didn’t lecture me, and he talked to you more like a friend. I wish we had more Bobs
    I sure all the tracks in Heaven are well run

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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