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    Myself and George Hoernig are currently in the process of putting together a demo team that will hit small fairs, bike rodeos, shops, and eventually schools.
    Our website is here: http://bmxdemos.com/
    It’s just starting but we are looking for 2 jumpers, and 1 flatland freestyle guy.
    Why is this in the race section?
    I know there are some race guys out there who kick a**! Our intent with this is not to promote “freestyle” but to promote BMX. Which is why our intent is to hit places where younger kids will see it. I am hoping to get some propoganda from the NBL (yikes) to hand out and get kids to come to the tracks, “where all the cool jumps are”.
    There will be payment involved, but you have to be willing to talk to kids, be personable and wear a matching outfit. (like the same t-shirt, or jersey)
    I know some of you guys know George, you all know me, and our head promotional guy is Brian Luff, who works at Pt. Pleasant Bikes, so we are very for real about this.
    Anyone who wants to be involved or knows someone who would like to be, drop me a line.


    Im really interested having a show at the shop would be great if george is at somerville I will talk to him about a schedule

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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