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    Wow, this is sick!!! I stumbled across this site while perusing the internet. I can’t believe you guys are still around. The names on this site make it feel like I just popped out of a bmx time capsule……

    Braddock BMX
    Crazy Craig Wilson
    Rob Dolecki
    Chris Gulich
    Awesome Dave Pawson
    Marlon Pearson
    Bill Hayden
    Rob Clark
    Cosmic Wheel & Regan
    Maywood Cycle
    James Vincent Cycle
    The Wrecking Crew
    Team Velocity

    Once Braddock and then Secaucus closed down, I thought everybody disappeared and decided to play house and grow up. I can’t believe most of you are still kickin’ it, that’s f’n great!!!

    Where are you guys racing? How the hell is everyone doing??? What is the state of BMX in ’07????

    I guess I’ll have to check out some websites and go buy a cruiser. Any ideas as to what bike companies make a decent cruiser for us older lads (one with a preferably longer top tube)??? After being out of it for 10+ years, should I even bother to enter the cruiser class??

    I think I just caught the BMX bug again……..

    -Mystery Old Schooler….

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