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    Why is it that every other alternative type sport has a console game and there is not one single game that showcases BMX racing??

    They have Freestyle/Street (Hoffmann, Mirra), Motocross, snowboarding, skateboarding, and even inline skating. I also remember seeing a downhill mountain bike game for PS2 once.

    Now, I know nothing about the design and promotion of video games….but with the olympics coming up, isn’t now the time?

    It would be a real drag if you can play olympic curling before you can race your 20″ or Cruiser on XBOX360 or PS3



    because obviously racing sucks to the outside world


    I think quite a few eyes are going to open come 2008 with regards to BMX.
    But, now is the time to start to take advantage of that potentially big wave.

    Know what kinda sucks is that when i was limping around work for the last few weeks people asked me what i did to hurt myself, when i told them the first thing they said was: oh, you were doing what i see on TV where they do backflips etc. in front of a crowd ?

    So i have to patiently tell them, no that is not (true) BMX.
    There are quite a few Bicycle sports right now with the term BMX in it. It seems to be all lumped togeter with no clear difference among each.

    Does that make sense to anyone else other then me ???


    people are jst oblivious to what they dont see on tv and bmx hasnt been featured much anymore

    besides street trails and even park are the things people think of when they think of “BMX”


    When I say BICYCLE motocross to people (and I emphasize the word BYCYCLE), they look at me and say “oh, motorcycles, thats cool…”

    But, I know that is because their brain is only picking up the word Motocross which they hear alot on TV.


    People cpme in my office and ther are about 10 trophies, wow motox is all they say, once explained I get this weird look


    soon people will get it .just brittles he is working!! SPREAD BMX




    Thanks Rod,
    I just realized that you probably know me longer than anyone here. Man…back to what 87-88? I don’t lie…so I won’t sit here and say a video game is in the works but I will PROMISE everyone that we have the backing to do what needs to be done, and enough motivated people to do it. My experience is primarily with freestyle where the attitude is “go the hell for it”. It took me 2 years to figure out how the nbl and NJBMX work, in that time I’ve listened and learned a lot.
    And I have it figured out.
    Freestyle- No rules, go for it.
    Racing- Rules, follow them to get what you need. You have to follow the rules. That last sentence is very important.

    It also helps to have the media on your side and as long as you play by the rules the media is cool with what ya do. As long as you play by the rules.




    Not a game or anything like that but check out the track layouts on this site..pretty cool.
    Oh, i think the site is in german but you’ll get the point.



    Ja, das es zehr gut!!!


    That is the 2007 Worlds track in Victoria, BC Canada.


    Everyone is on the right track….it’s all about exposure, there are only limited quantities. I remember NJN doing a segment at an EHT state race back around 1988 or 89.

    They also had the 1987 Worlds from Orlando on Nickelodeon, which you can see on bmxvideos.net (an excellent race coverage site! by the way!!)


    The closest we’ve come to “main-stream” as of late is when they had the Xgames in philly and did the super downhill bmx from woodward, PA.


    i am not the video game expert ( haha dont laugh we still have ps1 here) but i can see them making a game where you have just say 3 level tracks.. beginner / intermediate/ pro tracks..(like the one for the worlds). you can pick your rider( pro) or use your own name and who you race…just like the backyard football games… can you see kids putting themselves in a race… they are in gate 2 and randy stumphouser is in 4 and they go around the first turn…. take out the whole pack or pimp in the turns.. whatever. … you have to have elbows/crashes to make it interesting of course… they could keep points which when accumulated can earn them a full factory sponsorship or something like that..

    im sure one of you older guys who have been around could think up somethng creative…hey you could even have an “old school” section on the game where the races are flats only…etc. could def be cool..

    they could start selling these at nationals/ online… remember when they had those little freestyle finger bikes the kids all went nuts for? i think dan still has a box of them somewhere…. kids would def go for a racing video game..

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