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    Infighting, stupid petty garbage and petty personal agendas are finished.
    If you want to build BMX to what it should be then lets get it on.
    A guy who I respect this past weekend, said these words to me.
    “There’s no half assing it, you are either in it or you aren’t.”
    He’s right, and no one here on this site, I believe, is half assing it.
    Prove me right.
    So in respect to this individual I have mentioned, I stand fully behind him, and support every idea he can come up with. You will see these ideas come to fruition over the next few months, then you should be able to figure out who it is.
    If you hold any sort of power over any aspect of BMX and you aren’t doing something to better the sport, then you aren’t doing your job, that’s the bottom line, whether you are paid or you are not, from the top to the bottom.
    My personal agenda is to better BMX, what’s yours?


    NOW thats what Im talking about

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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