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    If the UK can do this, why the he** can’t we?
    BMX is the best youth sport ever…and it ain’t too bad for us old farts either.


    You would need a major sponsor and some affiliation with a sanction. Or the sanction could take this on, but then that requires traveling costs, the bike costs, cause if you noticed they supplied some of them. And to top it off, remember, those of you good a geography, England is a much smaller country, so the cost would be a hell of a lot greater. Good idea, but more obstacles than the track in Brasil


    like Mountain Dew? tylenol, pizza hut, mcd’s?
    forget sanctions they suck, we don’t need sanctions to promote racing.
    the geographical logistics are a bit harder, but you start someplace.
    that is almost what i want to do with the demo team, and it’ll be easier once i get a couple racers who can talk and jump enough to get kids pumped up.
    we actually have to turn shows down because we don’t have riders to do the show.


    Why can’t we? Because BITD some knucklehead claimed that their kid broke an arm or some crap because BMX was presented in their school…Thats why I am not leaving my house tomorrow…someone could sue me. I am building a wall around my property so knowone could wander onto it and sue me…its gonna be rubber in case someone runs into it and gets hurt…

    Sorry, I can’t live my life that way! I am on a roll tonight!


    lol…dang I like it when Loren is fired up!


    BITD Wooden Wheels donated 20 CW bikes and Dyno helmets to the YMCA in center city Wilmington. They would bring two big vans down to the track on Wednesday nights. One full of kids and the other full of bikes. I would go out Wednesdays and help the kids with learning to ride (some couldn’t even ride a bike on the street when we started). These kids were all “high risk” but really took to the riding.

    The next progression is to get BMX racing into the schools. We did this in my school with LaCrosse. We started our own club and two years later it was a fully sponsored school sport. Now look at LaCrosse today. It is in a lot of High Schools and College.

    Look at all the other school sports that are triving. (Soccor, Baseball, Football, Basketball) They all have a feeder program from the pee wee and little leagues. In turn this gives the pee wee/little league players somewhere to progress to. High School athletics, then on to College.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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