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    Phoenix…. 6 ABA tracks and 2 NBL’ers… ABA Fridayand Saturday at Black Mountain BMX(One of the premiere track’s in the whole US of A) Sunday Chandler(ABA’s First track), NBL on Tuesday and Thursday!!!! All 3 tracks are within 30 minutes at most from each other…

    Uh, what’s pulling you back to Arizona?

    $$$$$$ and family!!!! I have been away from my very very close knit fmaily for 8 years now. I miss them terribly and the cost of living is sooo much cheaper in Phoenix than here. Plus the job market in Phoenix is crazy right now. Youcan’t have one of the biggest growing real estate markets without one of the biggest job markets to boot.

    OOOO and BLACK MOUNTAIN BMX…. That track was my home away from home growing up. Has that small town feel where everyone knows your name and they still have 35-40 moto’s 2 nights a week!!


    Has anyone found out more info on this mentor program? This would definately improve the beginner programs at our tracks.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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