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    BMX is for the riders. Whenever someone says ,for the kids, they are perpetuating the myth that we ride “little kids bikes”. When we don’t. We ride BMX bikes. Some of us are kids, some us are adults, all of us are riders. The top pros aren’t “kids” they are highly trained and skilled athletes.
    This I believe is where a lot of todays problems originated from. Anyone in charge of BMX racing looks at anyone racing as a “kid” to this day even if they are 40+. So…what could these “kids” know.
    If this is all “for the kids” what the heck is Dieter doing on the track? (Get well soon man!) ~I’m joking here….I hope everyone realizes that!~
    It’s time to stop saying, we’re doing this for the kids.
    We’re doing this for the betterment of the sport that we love and have chosen to put our weight behind.
    I’m asking everyone to stop using that phrase….please. I grew up with people asking me why I like to ride that “little kids bike” and I still hear it 27 years later with our sport going to the Olympics.
    BMX is a sport where people get on a dirt track with large jumps to determine who is fastest. That’s it.

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