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    Myself and George Hoernig are currently in the process of putting together a demo team that will hit small fairs, bike rodeos, shops, and eventually schools.
    Our website is here: http://bmxdemos.com/
    It’s just starting but we are looking for 2 jumpers, and 1 flatland freestyle guy.
    Why is this in the race section?
    I know there are some race guys out there who kick a**! Our intent with this is not to promote “freestyle” but to promote BMX. Which is why our intent is to hit places where younger kids will see it. I am hoping to get some propoganda from the NBL (yikes) to hand out and get kids to come to the tracks, “where all the cool jumps are”.
    There will be payment involved, but you have to be willing to talk to kids, be personable and wear a matching outfit. (like the same t-shirt, or jersey)
    I know some of you guys know George, you all know me, and our head promotional guy is Brian Luff, who works at Pt. Pleasant Bikes, so we are very for real about this.
    Anyone who wants to be involved or knows someone who would like to be, drop me a line.


    What are the particulars??????? Like are shows on weekends????Or is this a fulltime deal?????????What is covered? Meals,bikes,parts?????


    Right now shows are on weekends. Our goal is to grow this into a full time deal.
    Right now since riders in NJ have a very “anti-show” mentality we are having a hard time finding anyone who would do this. Right now we are paying on a per show basis, which we can talk to the rider about. George is working out a deal with Greasy Comb Distribution to get parts and equipment for us.
    Much like every other time I’ve run a team the difficult part is responsible riders. If we find someone who is making every weekend show we have, is willing to help hang out and set up and tear down ramps, then we can do more for him.
    Shows are on weekends right now.
    Once we get the schools set up better it will turn into a full time gig.
    You get payed for show day right now.
    Show you are responsible and willing to work, then we have hookups for parts, frames, etc.
    Meals depend on how much we get for the gig.
    Also, when someone gets a lead for a show and we do get it, they get a percentage for getting us the show.


    I can juggle, and hum the star spangled banner at the same time, if that will help 😆


    Sure you can be the opening act… 😆


    count me in.. i can jump pretty damn good.. not scotty cramner good.. but damn good

    as long as i can get some beer money out of it, haha’

    but def count me in


    i can trey some street crap and some ramps mostly boxes


    This sounds good.


    is this still happening?


    yes, as soon as me and George get a couple things going. So don’t stop riding flatland, in fact, practice harder.


    i don’t plan on quitting.
    but practicing harder, might take me a while to get used to.
    its getting a bit cold out.


    cold shmold– get your ass out there


    hahaa, i’m trying.
    school is more important right now.
    but i get out at least twice a week.
    mainly thursdays.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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