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    I’m seeing this sorta like this, I talke to Rich about is as well.

    Rich got in on the inside, where they got tossed.

    Rich has joined the enemy camp in their eyes and is part of the grand conspiracy, therefore Rich is in on “it”. And judging by what we have uncovered so far there is an “it” someplace.

    So they see him taking care of the jerseys, helping eht and they see.

    Rich we know it’s tough behind enemy lines but we are currently amassing a large expeditionary force with a deployment day of Jan 20th. 😡


    Remeber the message I left for you, when the tracks get their money from the state, where does it go? How does say EHT use theirs? How do they handle the IRS paperwork? How much is it? And why are they even gettting it? Take that away, and I know who you will see cry like a baby

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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