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    you’ll see stuff like…
    Dale Meghan going out of his way to help a guy set up his bike to perfection.
    Ant-dog bring in new blood to the track and get their parents feeling good about racing.
    Volunteers like Chris Vliet running out to help a rider (this one is for Heather Haugh) who has taken a face first digger as bad as anything you would ever see on The Dew Tour, and men like Rich Farside just quietly going and putting that persons bike back together.
    People at the track, even though at times we all have a difference here or there, will always band together to do the right thing.
    Remember that in the years ahead, and going into the Olympics.


    You will see brett snaping pics. and videotaping. (when he is not racing). Btw Since I turned ex brett you have not been on the track? 😕 Do i scare you. (J/K) seriousley there is alot of stuff going on that people are not aware of. The grass getting cut an hour before the race. Fixing ruts after a bad rain. So if you can help out even if you are not racing. Even if it means picking up trash. Just help out,cause it is the right thing to do. Trust me realized that myself this season.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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