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    A point my g/f Christine has brought up to me on many occasions is how un newbie friendly parks and tracks are.
    When you walk up there is no place that says “Hey NEW GUY come here to get schooled”.
    We need to get an area where it is specifically designated for newbies.
    Big ol sign “NEW SIGNUPS”
    A person manning the helm, who is knowledgable in everything and personable.
    Hi, never raced before?, let me see your bike! Helmets are here, we’ll be having a beginner clinic for the racers and parents 30 minutes before the race at 11:30 my name is…feel free to ask me any questions…etc.
    Now before everyone from the tracks jumps on me and says we are open to new riders, let me say that this advice came from my g/f, and when I stepped back and looked at things, I realized she is very right.
    Anyone who is new at something is almost ALWAYS timid at asking questions because they don’t want to feel “stupid”, we have to cut right past that nervousness and bring them in the family that we already know is there.
    Beginner only signup areas at tracks and parks are an excellent idea.


    im down to help the new people with any questions they might have about bmx and everyting involved with it


    If I’m there without the kids – or with extra help to watch them – you can count on me to help out.


    Legend, we want to help the kids, not scare the shit out of them!!!

    Actually a pretty good idea, Brett. I am going to have to take a look at the logistics at HC. May only require a separate line…kind of like new riders go to the front.


    Loren, when they test nukes in the pacific, other than the roaches and squirells, Pawson is the only thing that survives the blast. He see’e the flash and goes, “Dude I saw a bright light must be time to get up”. He is are own living science experiment


    Loren, if you take the helm with this idea, I’d like to see some shots and maybe a few words on what seems to be effective. I just realized that, this sort of New Rider area has always been missing.




    at foothills in ct they have a few announcements before the race starts…upcoming races at local tracks, rider raffle, news for the week, thanks to the volunteers, etc… during that time they announce any new signups that day and add them to the total number of new riders for the year so far..( they are very proud of getting that award every yr i am guessing) then when the newbie races they always make mention of him no matter what position he is in and try to find something good to say during his moto… it makes the kid feel good i would think plus lets others know who he is…

    sounds like a good idea to me. not to make the person feel uncomfortable but at least ppl will know he is new and im sure everyone will help out.


    You know I am down.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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