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    This is going right to the board. Hi Janeen.
    The best idea I’ve heard of so far is Craig’s idea of a “pre” rookie class.
    Since Rookie is “rookie” as incorrectly used as it is, I think we should seriously consider bringing in some sort of “open” beginner classes. Since the NBL allows you to make up your own open classes if you wish, why can’t we roll with this.

    7 & under open beginner
    8-10 open beginner
    11-13 open beginner
    14-17 open beginner
    and cap it at 17, so we don’t have some strange 30 something guy wanting to race his JMC and blow doors.
    These classes will consist of ONLY riders who
    A. Rent or are loaned helmets and pads.
    B. Have NO clips.
    C. Have obvious beginner bike, ladies and gents, I’ve been in BMX long enough to know a true beginner from someone who just wants to bag titles and trophies, a walmart goose = beginner, clips, a Felt and a uniform = sandbagger.

    It would be a simple matter of each track just tracking names in a spread sheet and putting a check mark besides a 1-3 place finish and move them up after 5, 1-3 finishes or the end of the season.
    And the most important thing is to give them props when they graduate.
    I know you track directors don’t have enough work as it is, so I figure I’d keep you busy.


    The opens for Rookies sounds good. I unfortunately do not see it happening. We just don’t have that many riders renting helmets, and showing up on the WalMart bikes. Usually after the first race when the kid says “I love it” mom and dad immediately go out and deck the kid out in all the gear. After the 3rd race the kid is on a new bike.
    Back when we had 60-70 motos at our locals it would have been a great idea but now with 20 motos +/- there just isn’t the rider base to handle it.
    Let’s keep the idea there though in case ridership starts to really climb as the Olympics get closer.

    If the NBL would open the wallet and start advertising, or televising races again, I think that would do alot to increase ridership. Then we could start restructering the classes.


    How about this one, get Hyper to bring 8 moto bikes to the track each race. Have a “bring a friend to race” moto where kids that race can bring a friend who doesn’t race and they get to use the motobike for they day. Limit each kid to three races on the motobike and they can not have held a license before.

    This way they are all on the same prepped bike, no modifications allowed.

    You might be able to get Hyper to bring out 2 or 3 of the small versions of the motobikes for the little guys too.

    Good advertising for them and the track.


    who cares about that.. lets just ride our bikes..plain and simple

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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