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    People who don’t take a stand or have no firm principles don’t matter in the real world. They’re either working for the government in some way or they’re probably some low level drone somewhere. Not always, but usually

    Having strong opinions or taking stands on issues or making decisions may not lead to success, but not taking a clear position and not making decisions leads to nowhere. The world is run by people who make decisions.


    Dude, I work for the govermemt, and one of the reasons I was given for my last promo, was that have no prob taking a stand, I think it comes down to people in general are afraid to make a decision, as it will make someone unhappy. More than likely it WILL make someone unhappy, but if it is for the overall good so be it.
    Not to change something because you are afraid of A POSSIBLE OUTCOME, says you are not willing to lead, and have faith in the people you surround yourself with


    I should say that I pulled that quote from a website I frequent where the guy who runs it was having a diatribe much like we do.

    Not always, but usually

    I think is a key part of that.

    In order to make an omellette…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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