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    I cant for the life of me remember the name or publisher.
    It was published from like 80-81 or so by the guys behind Bensalem BMX Track.
    It was a magazine sized newspaper.
    I know it covered a race at Howell cause I got my only racing picture ever, in it at that track. When my dad moved while I was in the Navy most of my stuff got thrown out. I cant remember if it was a NBL or ABA race, if it was 81 it was ABA as my NBL days ended in 80, but I did race alot of NBL in 80 so it coulda been that year, maybe even 1979 if so then my mom took me.

    I know she took me to Monmouth once in 1979 and filmed it on 8mm. But again my dad had it and in his will he left everything to my stepmom and she would never go thru all the 8mms to find it (if she did she’d just use it to go see I loved his dad, look at me I searched for a 8mm film- while she counts the 1 mill she got)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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