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    lee matos BETTER get a free renewell for his nbl liscence and a sh1tload of free races for what he is doing


    That is up to the state to decide.
    Perhaps a token gesture would be good to show some support to riders who step up.


    damn right


    In the new racer FAQ I would change:

    “What type of bike do I need?
    Any two wheeled 20″ or 24″ bike is FINE! “

    16 and 26 inch bikes are fine as well to get started, you don’t want anyone to turn themselves away because they think they have the wrong stuff, or need to buy alot of new stuff.

    And I would change this or just take it out.
    “How much does it cost?
    You need a license to race the State Series. “


    to race locals= not much
    state series= dont plan a family vacation
    national and regional= take out a 2nd and 3rd mortgage on the house


    Thank you Kevh for your Comments, I will keep them in mind when I go through for an update.

    Lee Matos
    Head Design


    Perhaps a token gesture would be good to show some support to riders who step up.

    Amen. Lee has done alot. He has shown dedication and a true love for what he does and believes in. At the next meeting i encourage all who are reading this to support this young man and brett middaugh for the work they have done. And let’s keep the negative or discouraging comments out of this thread.


    Looks good.

    One M in Flemington though. 🙂


    Thank you for the Heads up!

    Your Web Designer,

    Lee Matos
    Head Design


    Lee, nice job, and THANK YOU.

    Anything in particular you are thinking each track should have on their page?

    How about a contact section for committees, so if someone has a relevant idea they know where to direct it?


    Lot of people wanted to see a new site, at least that is what they told me.
    Ya got a new young dude cutting loose, where are the ideas?
    Anyway, I realized this is not the place that announcements should be done for NJBMX Inc.
    That’s their thing.
    We just wanna cover a few cool races and get props out for the people hitting the berms.

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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