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    I love this country LOL


    hasn’t anyone seen what happens when mom’s and dad’s aren’t involved? Now they want them removed from the text books?

    And what’s up with the quote by the one kid saying the current way is keeping him from getting the same education???

    Does the guy in the wheelchair tell everyone there shouldn’t be a prom because he can’t dance? But we can’t have a king & queen because there is one neutral gender person at the prom??? Ya gotta be kidding me here folks.

    Folks, this is not about being homophobic. Honest. I have Mrs. & Mrs. Smith (not real name) as neighbors who I think are terrific. This is about just plain stupidity and a total attack on the norms of society.

    You take mom and dad out of the picture and this place is going to hell real quick.


    The whole thing is insane………………….We really need change but not in this direction……..


    everyone is a victim these days

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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