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    They are owned. They are owned by multinational corporations.
    Here’s some stuff to google.

    monsanto cover up

    kathie lee gifford child labor

    ibm nazi

    It’s late, but this is it ladies and gents.
    Without the net, there would be no place to get un-corporatized versions of the news.

    Gen X is just starting to come into power (35+ people), where are we taking this?


    Also lookup Aspartame…see what that stuff does to you.

    Unfortunately “we, the 35+ crowd” probably wont take it anywhere because that age group for the most past has families they need to take care of and as we all know if you go “against the grain” you make enemies, you make enemies and dont go with the flow, you dont make money, you dont make money, you live on the street. The “system” has us by the balls.



    I have no kids, so I really have no stake in the future of this planet other than the next 35-40 years.
    But everyone who has kids, which is almost everyone else, say that they do what they do “for the kids”.

    I don’t see a correlation between our current system and making the planet better for future generations.


    GC has been my hero since I was a kid.
    Cool *


    So are the lesser ones..Could you imagine if everyone out there knew the truth?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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