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    when a parent yells at their kid about racing.
    It BLOWS my mind.
    Some people may here may notice the 6 page thread about some jumps at a track.
    Do you know why that is a 6 page thread?
    Because this BMX stuff is a little more scary than the better races make it look.
    Don’t you back out on this next sentence Farside…
    Even the big man said himself said last year the it took him a couple shots to get over the big dubs at CJ, and this is from a guy who is a past NATIONAL #1 racer and also a motorcyle bada**.
    Why even mention that here? Because Rich LEADS by example, he goes out, sucks it up and goes for it. You are not gonna find him or McMurray or Hamblin screaming at their kid that they lost a moto or got passed.
    No way…
    Because they know the balls it takes to go over even a set of rollers at full speed on a little squirelly BMX bike.
    So the next time someone thinks about yelling at their kid about racing, take a gander at the crazy old dogs out there risking it, look at them and realize their so dang quiet to their kids because they know what it takes to get around up and over that track.
    Comments are MORE than welcome on this topic..
    and on this one…
    please DO NOT hold back.


    I am going to stay out of this one until the end of the year. I would still like to race in NJ this year.




    I watched my wife yell at one of the parents at a national, the guy was a reala**hole, she let him have it. You could see the guy shrinking!!!



    This happens in all sports. I recently attended my newphew basketball toury game and the parents are just NUTZ. Yell at thier kids, the refs and other parents. I though to myself… This is why I raced BMX. My dad was not a yeller so if I failed I had noone to let down but me and I was harder on myself that anyone!!!!.


    About the only time my dad yelled was if he thought (and felt beyond a shadow of a doubt) someone was being allowed to get away with dirty racing while other’s got called on it. And even then it was only to the track director, no one else.

    It broke my dad’s heart when I chose BMX over baseball, but he soon realized that no parent on the track could decide where and when and how much I raced – it was all up to me – my dad realized that baseball in our town was all about who you knew, unless you were just a total stand out talent they could not ignore. I was the tallest kid in the league at 12 yrs old and had the nastiest fast ball – and even my own coach chose his own kid over me for pitching time and thus kept me from a shot at all-stars. But – at the track – in my opinion – every kid who gets out there is an all star just for making it around the track and no parent should yell at their kid. Like Rich said in another thread – lets put those parents on the gate and make ’em race us – the vets – who know that “rubbin’s racing” (Days of Thunder).

    Yeah – occasionally a kid will shut down at the wrong time and get passed – and thats when a parent has to find out if maybe he (the parent) wants to win more than the kid – and maybe putting to much pressure on them.

    So parents, especially new ones, resist the urge to deck your kid out in a $2000 bike and $500 uniform until you are convinced your kid is serious about racing on a semi-regular basis. I have seen parents pour money into sports and then push their kids, but only because they made a huge $$ investment. Yeah, your kid wants to look cool at the track – but show the necessary restraint – we want your kid to still be in the sport when he is 30-40 like the rest of us (even if I did have a 16yr layoff).

    Okay – I’m off my soap box.

    Lets race!!!!!!!!!


    Well spoken.


    I thought this was a METH posting dam………….


    that was over the top and wrong, but yet funny as anything…
    don’t do drugs.

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