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    Action Wheels had several uniforms over the years. The first image shows the 80/early 81 jersey. It was Blue, Yellow and Orange. Rider: Erick Weinstetter

    The summer of 81 the jersey was now white with and orange stripe and blue lettering if I remember right. The image shows that jersey in Black and White. Rider: Erick Weinstetter

    1987. The third was Yellow I think with Blue and Orange. Action Wheels was on an angle across the jersey. Rider: Clay Goldsmid

    The fourth was actually designed by me in 1989 and featured the traditional team colors in a techno design. Rider: Dave Kapigian

    This is basically how me and Clay became friends. He raced for Action Wheels after I moved to California. When I came back he was still riding for them and I rejoined the team. Together we taught Kapigian all he knows about BMX and girls.


    If you taught him all he knows about girls, YOU FAILED!!!! LOL


    I remember the uniform Clay is wearing well. That was the mid-eighties uniform that was prevalent at Deptford. The ‘ol Dust Bowl. Good times.


    i still have my 1989 aba deptford state qualifier trophy with the light in it


    hey I got one of them somewhere.I forgot all about that.


    i’m glad i never had to wear some jersey.
    i think its so dumb how all the cjs kids wear there little i heart cjs shirts at every comp or jam.


    I’m sure I won one also but I never bothered going to the shack to get them unless it was a triple points or something. I guess I shoulda got that one lol, sounds cool. (Unless I missed the race).

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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