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    Hey Craig,.. that looks like one of OUR road trips!!


    Well there you have it, Mike Kilpatrick is ahead of Mike Brabant and Josh Oie in points. Obviously he is faster than them. How pathetic would it be if the Dew action sports tour had a BMX race and was scheduled against the Delaware race in October and once again, five AAs show up and Kilpatrick gets two more fifths.

    BMX doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously if this sort of thing is allowed.


    Freestyle has Ice Money…
    and you’re right Dave, it would be funny at a local..maybe, but thinking that shit is funny at a national level is not cool.
    Probably a nice guy, but ya gotta put some restraints up.
    The AA Pros should just back off the gate and say we aren’t running if this gentleman runs.
    We’re gonna be taken seriously or I’m gonna die trying, it’s the same thing with the whole “kids sport”, “kids bike” mentality. Which is why the sanctions don’t take older riders seriously, in their minds we’re still “just kids”.


    Dave, did you get any pictures with the chicken bones?

    Kilpatrick is only a few points behind John Purse.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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