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    Personal agendas will no longer be tolerated in the racing forums.
    This is not directed at any “one” person but at ourselves in general.
    I want positive things happening in NJ concerning racing and petty little annoyances do not serve the people I care about.
    The average rider.
    I have locked a few topics here and will lock more if need be.
    On the other hand, I am inviting people to come here that shy away from people who talk and do not act.
    If they begin to show up, I will ask that you give them respect.
    I care about BMX.
    If you really look at this site you’ll see it goes way beyond “racing”.
    Today March 24th is a new day for BMX in NJ.
    This past week of petty squabbles will end and we will begin to work together. If you have suggestions or concerns, I will ask that you post them care of me, so that I may take a look and offer my IMPARTIAL viewpoint.


    Sometimes you have to jump into the darkness to see the light……………..

    Controversy is needed in all forms ………………Otherwise viewpoints become very one sided, then what is the point?????????????????


    Viewpoints are cool.
    I won’t stifle anyone but petty personal agendas ain’t cool.
    If I get people who come on here in a forum I have set up for racing and just start playing “I said, he said” then it becomes pointless.
    Busting chops is fun, fine…I don’t care if someone get’s a little offended.
    Stating concerns about tracks, jumps, whatever fine.
    It gets to a point where we are all saying the same thing and arguing over nothing but air.
    It should go…voice opinion, comments on opinion.
    I’m getting old, maybe I’m just getting tired of “adults” messing about in something that is supposed to be fun and sucking that fun out of it.


    TRUE now on with BMX

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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