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    What disturbs me about ****’s email is not that the race promoters

    and organizers are still making the same stupid mistakes. What

    disturbs me is that none of US (the riders) do anything. Do we want

    to get paid like Mat Hoffman, Ryan Nyquist, TJ Lavin, Tony Hawk?

    Then take control of the sport as the afore mentioned did. If you go

    to a freestyle or dirt comp you don’t see a fat bald guy in the

    infield or on the street course looking for ankle high socks. The

    dirt jumpers build their own jumps. The street courses are designed

    by the riders. The promoters are ex-riders themselves, or at the

    very least the promoters work with the riders to help facilitate the


    I know everyone is in the gym and doing sprints. I know everyone has

    to be focused at the races and concern themselves with their own

    performance. I know. BUT, at some point you have to ask yourself –

    and maybe when you are appraoching thirty and angry at the fact that

    you still have to have roommates and have no real future after BMX .

    What have you done to help this thing move forward? Why didn’t you

    speak up when they kept building ski slope starting hills with no

    pedaling? Why do I let **** and ***** and ***** be the only ones to

    speak up even though I am sometimes thinking the same thing? How long

    can I just get by?

    BMX racing is a sport in which the riders let Moms and Dads of kids

    who have not raced in ten or more years have control of everything.

    People like **** and Myself can only make noise for so long. If the

    riders don’t care – then why should the people who run the races?

    Oh Well, I am sure I will get no response from this email as everyone

    is doing sooooo well as professional BMX racers and this does not

    affect them. Keep in mind, unless you are Randy, Bubba, Kyle, Day,

    or made a name for yourself in the late 90’s (its 2006!), I would

    guess your pretty much struggling as a BMX pro – and I am not talking

    about just paying some bills and getting by. I am talking about

    really making a living and putting something aside for your future

    after BMX.

    Everyone needs to get off their ass! The race organizers need to

    start listening and stop being politicians trying get a free trip to

    the olympics. The riders need to get over themselves and start

    thinking about what is right for the sport and their future, because

    your mobile phone bill and selling yourself cheaper than the next guy

    just to get entry fees and 4 flights is what P.Diddy would call

    “short money”.

    See you at the races – good thing I made my money Last Decade!!!


    Over thirty, not washed up like ****, passionate about the sport, and

    hoping I don’t run into any ex-pros serving me at McDonald’s, and

    yes, I like McDonald’s

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