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    You all know my wife and how much i want her to get on the track. Well she is leaning towards it, The next time (hopefully) sunday if she is there can some of you offer words of encouragement to her. She is starting to sway over but is imtimidated by the jumps and is scared of being embarassed. All of you guys and girls help is much appreciated.


    Bring her over to Pottstown. I will get her on a bike. I have raced forever. I just never have anyone to race. If I can race 3 weeks after giving birth then tell her she has no reason not to race. Tell her once she keeps at it she will never want to stop.


    I was scared to go to the track for the first time after an 8 year hiatus and all it took was an invite from an old friend that I used to race with in my heyday! We had a blast at the track and laughing all the way around. And between laps we relived old times! Lots of fun, she needs to know that everyone does stupid stuff and there is nothing to be embarrassed about because we have ALL done something that looked awkward or funny! If it’s fun, then that’s all that matters. If she has fun, great. If she doesn’t, then try it again!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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