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    First to those of you who are brand new to BMX racing…
    BMX kicks butt and you now are part of the best thing to ever happen to your life. Ride your bike and I guarantee you will progress quickly.

    For those of you who have been Rookie, (beginner) for a few years. It’s time to move up guys. After you race for no more than a season, you are no longer a beginner. Yes, it’s harder when you move up, but that is part of being out here racing. When you walk up to that registration booth and say I’m racing Novice today! The people at registration will be high fiving ya! Tell the older guys racing you moved up! They’ll be stoked and will give you much respect.
    I know it’s rough to see your child start losing when they move up a class but that’s part of racing. Besides, BMX is more than winning and losing, it’s about the friends you make, the fun times at the track, the thrill of just going over that big dang dirt jump!
    If you’re child can’t hang at the national level as an expert, but tears up the local novice scene, let them go expert. The national scene is for national level riders, not all experts are national level but we do need more local level experts.
    Why am I even talking about any of this…?
    1 reason.
    The local scene in my eyes as of last year in NJ is DEAD.
    We got 25 motos on average at a local at CJBMX last year, we need to grow.
    By letting the Rookies move on up and out to novice and expert whether or not they can hang at nationals will allow more NEW RIDERS to come into racing.
    We desperately NEED the kid and his parents who roll up to the track on their Wal-Mart or Toys R Us bike and want to race.
    Put them on track with “career” Rookies with 1,00 bikes and 8′ tall 20′ wide doubles and we just lost another new recruit to BMX racing, (and undoubtedly will go eventually to the freestyle side of things).

    So guys, moms, dads, let’s all step it up this year and recruit new riders and move the experienced riders to the next class!

    “It’s not that #1 plate that matters it’s your own progression that is most important!”


    thats all true brett.

    we need as many new racers as we can handle to keep the tracks up and running, so tell your friends about bmx, bring them to a race, even if you only get one more person it is that many more people supporting the best sport in the world.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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