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    When I was at the last meeting with these ladies and gents down at EHT, they were discussing some ideas for the ’06 awards.
    Where to hold it, what can they give out, etc.
    Without being wackos, I’m sure they would appreciate a little input from all the NJ riders here about what they liked and what might improve things for ’06.
    I know it’s only May but if you start now, makes things easier come awards time.
    As for me, I thought it was great having things at Incline and I’m pretty sure they gave out hoodies last year, which I see everyone wearing, so that looked like a hit.
    One of the things that got me thinking was how you have to buy your jersey to go to the pres cup.
    (This stuffs expensive lads and lassies)
    Maybe if it’s monetarily feasible we should do away with hoodies….(thank you from all the racers for doing away with satin jackets) and put the hoodie money toward the jerseys.
    I don’t know the inner workings of these things, but I do know nothing is impossible.
    Put your ideas below, because I know the board pops on here to see what we are talking about. So let’s toss out ideas.


    The hoodies are relatively inexpensive and are the awards for the #1 rider in each class. That is the award that they earned.
    The jerseys are available for anyone going to the President’s Cup. They get reimbursed for their jersey and race fee if they show up.
    If you’re not going to the race, but still want a jersey, then yes, you should have to purchase it. The cost of the jersey is very high so giving them away to every rider would be an expense that the state could not cover unless we did away with plates, hoodies, banquet, entry fee reimbursement for the riders who go to the Cup, trophies, place plates for the plaques, etc. All would have to go to cover free jerseys for all.
    Not all of the #1 riders go to the President’s Cup for whatever reason, and to not reward them with a hoodie, or jacket, etc. would be telling them that their accomplishment wasn’t worth noting. Most of them do not want yet another jersey that they’ll never wear, since they wear their sponsor, or team jerseys at every race.
    Every state that I know of awards a #1 jacket to their riders. Last year our (NJ) riders chose to have hoodies instead of jackets. They told us that they had enough jackets, but wore hoodies all the time and that’s what they wanted.

    Sorry guys, I have to disagree with you on this one.
    I’ve been in it for 9years (I know I’m a newbie)but we have always had to purchase a jersey if we weren’t going to the Pres. Cup. And some years we weren’t allowed to have one if we weren’t going. Because they only ordered for the attendees.


    Ok, that makes sense.
    I’m not even sure that most new people that have gotten into this even know about the reimbursement deal.
    I think the hoodies are killer and wouldn’t want to give that up for the riders.
    Can you post all the details for the pres cup thing. It’s obvious I didn’t get the gist of everything, maybe I can put something up about it and make a big deal out of it.
    Somebodies gotta beat Fl someday…


    President’s Cup details are pretty simple;

    Finish in top 15 for your class (pretty much means everyone).
    Order NJ Jersey.
    Show up and race for NJ at President’s Cup.
    Get check back for jersey cost and your entry fee for the race.

    Used to be that you picked up your Jersey at the President’s Cup and your uncashed check was in the bag with it. Then you would get a check in the mail after the race for your entry fee.

    Left over jerseys were then sold on a first come first served basis.


    Last year was my (and family’s) first state awards, but we all had a blast at the Incline. I thought the hoodies were great. The 3 racers in my family all bought jerseys even though we had no intention of going to the Presidents cup. We try to wear them whenever we go to a non state race since we are not on any team. Overall, I thought it was all good.

    Speaking of the Presidents Cup, the only suggestion I would have would be a bit more cooperation/organization among NJ racers that are going to the race. I havent been to one, but it seems like everyone just goes on their own and sees who shows up. Even a simple contact list of whos going might be good. May even encourage people to go. Sort of like a team! I think as a state, we are small enough that we could/should all work together as a family.


    Name change.
    The NJ BMX State Series
    “Road To The President’s Cup 2006”
    That’s the name from here on in, on the site.

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