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    Starting this year brokenspokes.net will be recognizing two people per year that are non-riders who help and do work at the track.
    Hans Stirley was the guy who convinced Bob and Carol Gleason to start CJBMX back in 1981. The kid was just bananas for BMX, and did whatever had to be done to get that track going.
    Nothing could be more complimentary to a person who has never ridden a bike on a track than to be awarded something that says “you have the drive of someone who rides and truly loves BMX.”
    Stay tuned to see who will get it….hopefully someone will care when I announce it in October.
    And yea you’ll get a shirt or something, lol…and remember it WON’T be a rider.
    There is no nbl, aba, uci or usac there is only BMX.


    when i first started racing i uesd to chace his kid around the track his nickname was squirly stirley i used to hate getiing beat by him that was 26 years ago


    I worded this sort of improperly when I first posted it.
    Since some of you bust your butts to make sure the riders are rewarded, it’s time for some of the riders to reward those who bust their butts for us.


    1 for a track operator.
    1 for a member of the board.


    Guess I should tell people it was
    Vinnie Mannino who won for Track Director. He really pushed things in new directions this year for NJ and with bringing back the Iron Man, well that says it all.
    Janeen Welsh won for Board Of Directors.
    This was just on my part a no brainer, everyone on the board is doing what they can for BMX, but it was Janeen who sucked it up, came on here and kept us all informed about what was going on all year with points, results and everything else.

    And I actually want to thank them both for actually taking the award….and not hitting me in the head with ’em!
    It’s not gonna get easier next year guys and gals but then again it never does. That’s progression.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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