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    1979 was my first full year of racing so everything was all pretty new still.
    I have the final points from an old NJ BMX Association Newsletter. Some years later I added notes of who they rode for so it may be inaccurate.
    Example I had Rich riding for Langleys in 79. (I Joined Langleys in 80).
    Rich did you ride for Langleys in 79???

    Final 1979 NBL Points

    1. Mike Lynch (SE)
    2. Kevin Kozak (DG)
    3. Paul Stephan (Petes Bike Shop)
    4. Rich Farside (Langleys?)
    5. Jenny Zeuner (DG)
    6. Mike Raines (DG)
    7. David Scruggs (Mr Stix)
    8. Pete Kreamer (AER)
    9. John Lovisone (Puch?)
    10. Todd Conine (Independent)
    11. Steve Donelon (Bel-Ray)
    12. Shane Newman (DG) (a PA rider)
    13. J. Schwietzer (Pedalers East)
    14. Jimmy Veale (DG)
    15. B. Henry (DG)
    16. Dave Woodward (Pedalers East)
    17. Guy Metz (Schwinn) (a PA rider, would win NBL National Number 1 in 1979 or 80)
    18. Lawrence Petrongolo (Langleys)
    19. Royce Stanley (Petes Bike Shop)
    20. Vince Strozyk (Langleys)
    21. Eric Hermann (?)
    22. Russ Peterson (Thruster)
    23. JR Newman (DG) (a PA rider)
    24. Terry Zeuner (SE)
    25. Chris Blondek (Independent rider)

    1978 NBL National Number 1
    Sal Zeuner (Thruster, from Vineland, NJ)

    In 1978 the NBL had no seperate pro class, so all the Pros raced 16X.
    That would change in 1979.

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