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    Brett and I were talking about this today. It takes 5 nationals to qualify for the grands and get a national number. It takes 14 races to get a NJ state plate. I don’t get it. I thought the idea was to get more riders to the presidents cup. I know everbody is thinking why does he care? He doesent race bmx anyway. True,but I still love bmx,and want to see it grow. With my racing schedual it would really hard to get a state plate. So it must be hard for all the guys racing nationals to get one to. Just a thought,less races? What do you think.



    idk .. i think a racer can get a state plate easily .. i mean the bulk is locals and you have all year to make your locals … then your qualifiers … they give you plenty of chances to get those and the championship……. thats my 2 cents… ,TyyK303


    I think what Rich also needs to explain is that not too long ago, if you wanted a state plate, you raced the state races.
    Locals were not included.
    Quite frankly it makes no sense to have to make 14 qualifiers for a state plate
    and 5 for a national plate.


    its 6 nationals now

    greedy nbl people

    i think instead of t5358365980386 nationals a year.. have 12
    one a month

    so the local scene can get big again


    12 nats a year…
    what the heck do you know….rider.
    lol! just kidding, excellent idea!


    Anyone remember how many were required previously? Remember also that the state season was extended to Oct 6


    Rich, could you answer that?

    I think the real problem lies in mandatory locals. It must also create a nightmare for the state clerk who has to wait for results from local tracks.


    14 is a big number


    answered my own question…

    seems 10 locals have always been counted. 06 really required nothing. 3 qualifiers only means you need to race at least one at a track other than your own. Reqional championship counts 10 locals anyway. Am I missing something? If we really want to grow the state series, doesn’t seem so bad.

    Required: 7 Locals 3 Qualifiers
    Counted: 10 Locals 4 Qualifiers

    Required: 4 Locals 1 Qualifier
    Counted: 10 Locals 4 Qualifiers
    Counted: 1 Warnicke at Double Points

    Required: 10 Locals 3 Qualifiers
    Counting: 10 Locals 5 Qualifiers
    *All 4 Warnicke races can counted as local races at single points whereas before they could not.


    There are 8 quallifiers, so why not, best 4 plus finals, that would keep it interesting


    Bill, you mean 4 qualifiers and no locals count?


    Yeah 4 state races no locals!!!! It seems that, the local scene is dependant upon these races to bring in X amount fo riders. 4 qualifiers, no locals, plus the final. Let the tracks promote themselves to get the local turnout


    The nbl regional series almost gets it right, race the locals and regionals and get a regional plate, that you can run anywhere.
    The only problem there is that they MAKE you run the “regional championship” to get that $10.00 plate.
    The state series makes you run around the state and the only place you run the plate is in the state you live in… $145.00 dollars for a plastic plate…and a hoodie if you get #1.
    We have to figure out a better way to do this.
    Maybe do away with state series in the nbl, make the regional series the big thing but do away with mandatory racing in the regional championship.
    And could we PLEASE do away with the “high points” thing, all that is, is an award to whoever gave the most money to the nbl in the state that year.
    LOL, you cant even run your state plate at the presidents cup which is the whole reason you run the state series in the first place.


    yes the high points crap can be taken out.. its dumb

    it is true whoever hits the most races wins that


    I think running the championship adds something. Imagine if the national series didn’t require the Grands?

    If you take the locals out of the state series I think it kind of lets the wind out of the balloon. Theres not much incentive for racing hard. That same logic could be used to take locals out of the Regional series and then what are you left with?

    They could change state plates to NJ1, NJ2 etc and allow you to run them wherever. I think it would be awfully confusing at the Pres Cup if you could run a state number as it is today!

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