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    My current race bike is a ’97 Diamondback Reactor Team. I have seen a few articles on the ‘net recently concerning the lifespan of aluminum frames. Would you be concerned about racing a frame this old? I don’t really have the cash for a new frame, but I would prefer not to break one either!

    If I get a new one, I am thinking Staats chromoly, Standard 125r, or Supercross chromoly…any opinions? I figure I can use all the parts from the DB.
    Thanks. Loren


    either the standard or the staats are very good bets. I would stay away from the supercross. Everyone I have spoken to has had problems either with the frame or the company or both.


    aluminum does have a shelf life but if your not jumping i wouldnt be to worried.i did ride a cromoly supercross for a year i liked it very much.it was heat treated i believe this makes a chromoly frame alot stiffer not as stiff as aluminum, but pretty stiff. frank k has one now and he likes his and were both big boys 240+ i ride my aluminum frame now. but icould ride the crome one all the same.if your set on chrome look for a heat treated one just my opnion.


    I would worry about the aluminum if you jump or fall hard like me. LOL

    I love my supercross cruiser (no problems with parts or company). Heat treated is strong and light, I don’t notice any flex and I am 260+.

    I know people that have Standard and Staats, never hear complaints. Personally I think Staats frames are long in the read so I wouldn’t get one, but again that is my personal preference.


    aluminum sucks.. its good for beer cans, that is all

    4130 for LIFE


    Loren if it hasn’t been beaten, not a problem, as fas as stiff, that cro-mo Devo I ride, is as stiff or stiffer than some alum frames. At the quaker state nats, a vendor had a Hyper there, and I coudl get the back drop outs to move alot , can’t do that with the Devo


    love my 125R

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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