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    yes, folks the #1 track in the NBL last year brought in 200 new members. (info courtesy of the NBL propoganda paper, which strangely enough has an EXCELLENT article written by the Stileman crew in it)
    That’s sorta sad.

    I love the idea of hangers, on every new bike in department stores, a tag for a free race at the local track. Of course that means we would have to KILL the whole beginners for more than a season thing, but I guess we can’t have it all.


    a free “race” is good, problem is they still gotta pay the $30 to the NBL up front. I guess it is mostly insurance, but it would be nice if you could pay the $15 first to try it out, then pay the $30 remainder.

    Then again, what the hell do I know!?!?!



    Hey Loren!
    I’m figuring the NBL or ABA would sorta front the cost, in hopes of getting that new convert.
    Was anyone at competition congress this year?


    if i could afford to go to the competition congress.. id go in a heartbeat


    No offense Dave, but after they saw you enter with a 30 pack , after having drank one, I think you wouldn’t be there long.


    The ABA one they get a free race no matter what. No license fee. They just do not get any permanent points. Our local track also has fliers for these that we hand out. I’ll scan it when I get the computer hooked up at home so you can see what it looks like. They did a nice job with it.


    Cool, Jesse…
    I’ve been wanting to see that, and I could use a physical copy…
    I have some things to do.. 😉


    I would put them on all my bikes at the store for sure !!!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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