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Ok, heres my take. Qualifiers need to count for something. You don’t want to have 4 races that all you need to do is show up for so you can race the championship, then why have qualifiers (maybe that is a bad name?).
SO, require 4 locals and 3 qualifiers in order to be in the championship standings. (maybe count 6 or more locals and 4 qualifiers). Then when you get to the state championship race, reset the points based on standings, but with a set increment between each so that everyone has a chance to move up or down. Maybe take the top 8 (if there are 8!) and point them 800, 700, 600 etc. down to 100 for 8th in the standings. If you are below 8th place, you start with 0 points. Maybe someone can work on what the points would be for the champ race. I would think 8th place shouldn’t be able to get to 1st, but everyone has something to gain or lose…but not the whole pot. Isn’t this sort of how NASCAR runs the end of the season?

This makes sense to me, anyone else?