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ok, so let me start getting a list here:

*video or panorama of the track layout
*area info i.e.: hotels, food, entertainment, etc.
*easy contact info
*schedule, should be able to click a link and print it
*new rider-parent section
*easy to see race on or off section on front page
*rss feeds to BMX sites
*links to pertanent BMX sites
*rider of the week-month…not sure how to do that with impunity
*point standings and results (this will be dependant on the nbl getting their software act together, there will be a place for it but until it is easily updatable…)

I will also be adding a new feature or two:
*website registration so you can automatically be on the mailing list and it will make it easier to do mass emails to everyone.
*allowing other people the ability to upload thier pictures to share on the CJ site, when they become members
*been mulling over the idea of putting up the concession stand menu, lol.
*possible CJ members only forum. to be part of that forum you would need to fill out a form at the track to be on it.