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The problem that you have in this day and age is that there is not enough riders to support the multitude of classes that they have at the local level.
It is in effect, pardon the word, stupid.
To make racing more of what it should be, you have to have less proficiency levels, and put the kids together in age brackets to begin with.
6 under nov
6 under ex
7-9 nov
7-9 ex
10-12 nov
10-12 ex
13-15 nov
13-15 ex
16-18 nov
16-18 ex…

If you have 35+ classes and at most 70 riders per race….
well…what is the point of racing?

Barring my class idea, I would do the following if I were in charge…so if anyone ever thinks “hey Brett should be in charge” you might wanna sit down.

* 4 tracks, each track hosts one qualifier
* A rider must race 3 qualifiers, those 3 count towards your standing.
* You do not have to race locals to get a state plate, it is up to individual tracks to get their rider counts up. Get to work, it’s a business.
* Single points for each qualifier.
* Triple points for the final.
* You are pointed as you finish.
* If you are combined with another class you still get pointed as per your proficiency.
1st nov 1st place nov points
2nd ex 2nd place ex points
3rd nov 3rd place nov points

It’s time for everyone to grow up and realize that, yes, in life, sometimes you lose.

BMX racing is the sport you get when you leave the parents completely in control of something that they have never done. Sorry if that sounds harsh but it is true.
Remember what I talked about a couple years ago, “my child syndrome”. What’s best for one’s person child, no, it’s what’s best for all.