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There really needs to be a lot of sincere thought about the ages for the “Young Gun Open”
1. I personally believe that there is too much of an age span between 5 & under through 15.
2. Maybe, we should consider running an open series for all of the younger open classes (5 classes total)? 7 & UNDER, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, and 14-15. I know it soulds like a lot of prizes, but at least every child who chooses to participate has the opportunity to succeed especially when they are racing others their same age. It would be devistating to to a 6 year old to have to race a 14 y/o. And yes, I knpow that some one is saying that 16 – 29 open is also a big span, but by the time any rider is 16, he/she has developed the skill to compete at that level.
3. The money charged for the open, or at least a portion of, should be used for the prizes for each class. Even though the opens will generate more motos at the race, it is no money lost, so why not throw the fees collected back to the riders in the way of prizes.
4. Again, this is only a WIN WIN situation for everyone!

I say lets give it a try! Can’t say it won’t work if it is not tried!!!!