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@TenaciousD wrote:

Just to expand on what Chris just mentioned.

How about having a series for the little kids (an open class) in conjunction with the state races where there is a point system and at the championship they win an XBox or something.

Like the Hyper Pro/Am series but for the younger guys.

I will buy the Xbox (or something else in the same price range) if thats what it takes.

I think that would be good for the younger kids, the only thing that you may have to do is have someone keep track of all the points. With the Pro/Am all the points were taken care of by us and not the state, we did it this way to alleviate the extra work that would have been involved.

So if someone is willing to help with this, I say bring it to the next state meeting and present it to the board. With the success of the Hyper Pro/Am, it should be able to be done.