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track layout maybe drawing or pictures.. i know alot of riders like to see the track pics before they go. when we went to the fla races for the first time dan was looking for recent track pics ( he likes to see the layout). its nice to be able to see it ahead of time…

pics of riders from ea weeks race. i love that cj has the pics up there for parents to see and use if they like. they are only young once and as a parent i know the value of having someone take decent pictures and it keeps the kids themselves looking on the site as well( not just for the parents) an added plus if they are FREE! lol

simple navagation of the site with easy to find schedule. i like on cj’s site you can see if the race is on or off right away…no hunting needed if the weather is iffy… great job!

rider of the week possibly on the front page? a little bio on him/ her to make it special? maybe a free hotdog at concession?? we used to do that on our jr wrestling website every week pick a different kid. (He also got a free hot dog/ ffries at a local deli who sponsored the wrestler of the week) we would post the pic up on the bulliten board also- it was quite an honor…