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i agree the 10 locals are alot to get in when the tracks are closed for the nationals. but i also agree with jimmy that the purpose of 10 locals is also to keep the experienced riders racing locally which benefits all the riders…once an older expert goes to locals and finds no one his age there racing he may think why should i go?? theres no one to race. so i like to see the older guys keep racing locals (even if its an open or pit bike or whatever race)

lets try whatever we can to grow the local scene. i must admit getting the 10 locals in was really hard and dan had to actually do a pre race ( at pottstown) first time in 5 yrs to get an extra local in but then again at the championship there were what only 3 in his class who qualified??

let everyone race the championship in class. esp the younger guys. seeing the 5 and unders standing around at flemington watching was not good. lets try to make sure everyone can race regardless whatever rules need to be made.

agree with making the championship worth more points just like the hyper pro am final was. great idea!!