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tpbmxtd wrote:
Also make the State flyer’s more appealing. Brighter colors and make it stand out more.


You don’t need bright colors to be appealing. Just change the flyers and make the content more bold like it wants to be read and not thrown away. Make it exciting!!!

Also, I know that other states offer the state championship FREE of charge if the rider races all of the qualifiers. This may entice more to race more qualifiers.

MAKE EVERY QUALIFIER AN EVENT. If this can’t be done by the tracks, then maybe there should be a select committe (representatives from each track) to plan and schedule the qualifiers. Not having tracks compete against each other. Therefore all tracks will be hosting a NJ State qualifier and not a “Track Name” NJ Qualifier. Regardless of where it is held, it is a NJ Qualifier and all should be of equal caliber.

Just some thoughts and suggestions.
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