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Easy to access and see schedule both online and printable.

Good Directions with Landmarks not just street names. Nothing like rolling up on the street in the left lane and realizing you need to make the right turn. Or worse yet sine this is a Jersey track, being in the left lane and realizing you should be in the far right lane to make the left turn. (Sorry couldn’t resist)

Phone number and email address for easy contact.

Rookie section with Tech tips (size charts, gearing, etc) and a what to expect your first time stuff. Make it easy for new people to come and check it out.

Pictures and maybe video so people have an idea of what they they will be racing on.

rss feed to brokenspokes.net LOL

Local hotel or food sponsors/recommendations for those traveling in for big races.

Race Results are nice but can be a pain depending on scoring system.

That should be a good start.