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I am on this committee as well. Only 3 people volunteered for this: Me, Janeen & Lisa Heath. I am not ranting, but hope more express an interest for next year.

We are looking at possibly the weekend before Thanksgiving. BUT, this is not definite yet. Crazy thing is, my wife just reminded me of a wedding we are going to that weekend. Can you believe it? First cousin on her dad’s side. Gotta go. So I may miss the party I help plan.

Dave – once again, valid point. Last year not much money was left over after paying for everything else. B*tch all you want, but its a fact.

The Incline Club is a possibility, but we are working on one or two other ideas, plus discussing some ideas with the Cranmers should we have it there again.

Depending on where we have it will impact the food choices, but believe it or not, an expenditure of this size has to be voted on should we want to cater it. However, I will bring it up with the committee.